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  • I Love Bali
    Was on holiday from 15-18sept 2015. Is the best decision to using Bali Pak Isme tour guide make our holiday unforgettable momment. We were accompany by Rohman,a young man with a humble heart.He is helpful,funny,knowlegable and very patient to fullfill each of our needs.Miss him,miss Bali and miss each of the journey there.Till we meet again.TQVM…Miss. Nur Azla Binti Umar ,Malaysia
  • Date: 13-17 sept 2015
    Just come back from bali, tqs to pak isme & pak saiful for entertain us sepanjang berada disana. Semua itinery dpt pergi kecuali tampaksiring, sebab x cukup masa kata pak saiful.anyway pak saiful bestt & Insyallah i will come back to bali with family :)…: Mrs.Diya,Malaysia
  • Vacay to Bali from 08-11/09/2015
    Our vacation to Bali being a wonderful moments and thanks to Rohman, one of Pak Isme’s driver . He is a great, funny and helpful person to us. It is the best choice to use Pak Isme’s service and we will be back to Bali soon. See u again Rohman!!….Miss Darwisah Mohamed,Malaysia..
  • Sistermoon Bali
    Yuyun Yeyen Bukhori is the best!..kelakar and lots of idea and merangkap our photographer or gopro stick ^^..and Rohman is also helpful polite and cute..will definitely call pak isme again and again if we were able to go to bali..thank you so much for the excellent service and the memories Bali!! InsyaAllah jumpa lagi ya ♥♥ *sakitnya ku disini meninggalkan bali hihi……Miss ami dila,Malaysia..
  • Went to Bali on 21-25 august 2015,
    not regret at all our decision choosing Pak Isme’s service. Even though we didint have a chance to meet pak isme, his friend, Rohman, treated us very good, he is polite, pancual and knowledgeble.Very friendly too! Helped us alot in choosing good places to eat and great places to visit. Will defenitely get their service again in next visit. Thanks a lot for took care of us while we were at Bali, Rohman, till we meet again !…
    Mrs.Aishah & Mr. Mahdzar,Malaysia
  • My friend and i just came back from bali.
    Thank you pak isme for your good service. Thank you HAKIM for always being punctual and patient with us. Even though hakim is a little bit shy, but we still enjoy our trip and visit in bali. Will come again soon and definitely going to choose pak isme tours service again. Finally, dont forget us hakim. Lol…salam from malaysia .�….Miss Zana Althafunnisa
  • I fall in love with bali
    This is my first experience in bali..we decided to book pak isme as our tour guide and driver. But maybe on that time pak isme not free..he replace his friends pak yuyun as our drive..pak yuyun really helpful..friendly and handsome too.I really enjoy my trip at bali..u won’t regret if u use them as a part to your tour..ouch ya..and the price is cheap too…we miss pak yuyun…..!!!!!! Pak yuyun…we will be back!!!!love bali.From Mrs rozie,Malaysia
  • Just came back from holiday in Bali 20 November 2014.
    Booked for a full 3 day tour with Pak Isme. The service was great & email replied fast. The driver, Bagio – on time,nice,& understanding.Highly recommend !!From:Mrs.Nurul Batrisyia,Malaysia.
  • Great Family Holiday..
    Hai, saya baru pulang dari bercuti di Bali pada 10-13 Ogos 2011 yang lepas. Saya sekeluarga seramai 9 orang semuanya. Kami menempah pengangkutan dari pak isme untuk ketiga-tiga hari. Van yang diberikan besar dan selesa, malah supirnya juga ramah, baik dan profesional (Yanto dan Pak Ujang). (Aug 15, 2011 / Mrs. Enny Suhailis Suleiman / ennyra_fatinah@yahoo.com)
  • Bali Best
    baru pulang dari bali… Trip dengan pak isme mmg best… he is so punctual…. (Jun 29, 2011 / Mrs. rauzah / rauzohdarus@yahoo.com)
  • Enjoyable Trip to Bali
    Hi, I just came back from Bali and yes, we have Bapak Isme as our guide. I am taking this opportunity to thank Bapak Isme who have managed to get us rooms at Kuta despite the short notice and long holiday for lebaran. Thank you for your kindness, helpfulness and knowledge. (Sep 20, 2010 / Ms.. Zue / waterlily08@gmail.com)
  • Honeymoon experience
    Although Pak isme are not able to entertain us at that time, Pak isme had replace us with someone(his driver), . We had a great time in Bali, we wish we could go there again. The services was superb,We never hesitate to recommend to all of our friends who wants to go there for this service (May 30, 2010 / Mrs. Quiyah / quiyah@gmail.com)
  • Honeymoon In Bali (16/05/10 – 21/05/10)
    Pak Isme is the best person for tour Guide. sangat kelakar, friendly and so on. memang sy sgt berpuas hati dgn layanan dan kemesraan PAK ISME melayan saya dan isteri… TQ very-very much Pak isme.. (May 25, 2010 / Mr.. Nawardi / adi_kawe@yahoo.com)
  • Isme will make your holiday even more memorable!!
    without Isme our holiday in Bali and Java would definitely not be the same! Isme his friendliness, jokes, knowledge about the country and the happiness he showers you with has made our trip one we would never forget! He even took us took great restaurants . Warm regars, family Bikha from Holland (Mar 19, 2010 / Mrs. Family Bikha / bikha5@zonnet.nl)
  • Best decision!
    Taking Pak Isme as our guide is one of the best decision we had made when honeymooning in Bali. He’s friendly, super nice, always has the best interest for his guests, has a great deal of knowledge in anything u need to know bout Bali, attentive and down to earth. He also likes to joke. (Mar 08, 2010 / Mrs. Noor Hafizah / noorhafizaabaziz@maa.com.my)
  • Nice and Enjoyable trip…
    I booked Isme about 2month before i go to bali…and i’m not regret because he so nice and my family feel so comfortable with him..he is simple,friendly and happy go lucky. He suggest to us about interesting place and delicious restaurant in bali. insyaAllah, if i come to bali again, i will take him (Feb 23, 2010 / Mrs. Sabeetha and family / sasabeetha@yahoo.com)
  • Bali Was great with Pak Isme
    Im one of Pak Isme Customer From Sarawak Malaysia,we went to Bali last year in October,it was a graet trip with Pak ismi around to guide us,we went to almost all of the famous place in 3 days full trip,Trust me there is one thing good about Pak Ismi,he really can stand to wait for you to shop…herr (Feb 21, 2010 / Mr.. Brian Daniel / ps.son_brian@yahoo.com)

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